Casement Doors & Windows

Souzco casement doors and windows feature a single or dual sash hinged
on the side of a frame, allowing for easy single hand operation.

Souzco uPVC casement doors combine traditional aesthetics with contemporary

functionality and are virtually maintenance free. It also adds security features with locks at several points and sturdy hinges which make it burglar­proof while allowing for cross­-ventilation
on as well.


Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows have dual functionality, helping them seamlessly blend in with modern interiors. Its inward opening function works with a simple twist of the handle and helps lend an elegant and contemporary look to any room. A versatile window, it helps bring in more light to your room while also enabling secure and controlled ventilation.


Slide and Fold Doors

Souzco uPVC slide and fold door systems have the option to open and fold, horizontally in both directions. Rollers facilitate an easy and smooth gliding feature, making these doors a practical choice. Perfect for rooms overlooking gardens and terraces, it offers unobstructed views to the outside and can even be kept open partly for ventilation and access.


Sliding Doors and Windows

Souzco uPVC sliding doors and windows offer heightened convenience and security. Superior quality rollers ensure our doors and windows slide effortlessly. The addition of sashes allows for wider and taller frames. With the provision for multiple locking points, these give you unparalleled yet safe access to the outdoors